All Dolled up…

I attended an awards night last weekend. I was a plus one for a dear friend that was up for a (Made a Difference Award) unfortunately my friend did not win but it was a great night.

It’s so nice to get dolled up and go out for a great night to let your hair down. Talking of hair!

I loved loved loved my hair (UP-DO) military look with the victory rolls by the wonderful Dawn from LA Hair who runs the Hairdressers next door to me in Sports Direct. After putting this photo up on Facebook lots of clients were asking about the hair and make up so here is what i used.

Skincare – Dermalogica (sold by me)
Including the -map15 RRP £74 My price £70, around eyes to hide wrinkles and the – HydraBlur Primer RRP £38 My price £34 to hydrate and give my skin a flawless finish ready for make up.

Makeup – Mineralogie (sold by me)
Including BB light cream foundation £34 applied with brush to give a flawless base. Followed with loose Mineralogie powder in the shade – soft beige £32.
Cheeks – my favorite blusher Mineralogie – Indian Summer £20
Eyes – opal shimmer £18
Eye brows – blonde brow powder £18
Mascara– Perfect lash £20
Lip stick – Bobbie brown chubby pencil

All set with Mineralogie skin spritz.

If you would like this look or want any advice on skincare or makeup contact me now xxx


Nicola Steptoe-Thompson
07857 333 260